Yes we do! Please view this handy table outlining all our dishes and their various allergens/dietary restrictions. Click the blue grid icon "View All" to filter by allergens.

Useful Nutritional and Allergen Information
All Battered Meats are Chicken Thigh Meats (General, Orange, Sweet & Sour)
All Batters are Gluten-Free
All Stir Fried Meats are a Chicken Thigh Meats (Broccoli, Eggplant, Kung Pao, Hunan, Szechuan)
All Meats and Shrimps are marinaded with eggs
All Sauces are Vegan Base
All Tofu are Non-GMO
All Lo Mein Noodles contains eggs, ie. egg noodles
All Eggs are provided by Vital Farms