In short, it's very safe, and the risk of contracting the coronavirus is extremely low, as long as you use common sense.

Please give these couple articles a read, which explain it better than we can!

We have always adhered to our own very strict food safety measures that go above and beyond regulations - and we continue to do the same today.

Additional precautions we have taken:
All kitchen surfaces have been treated with a food-grade water-based semi-permanent anti-microbial and anti-viral coating that effectively kills the coronavirus instantly upon contact. This non-chemical treatment creates a layer of simple, mechanical molecular spikes that puncture the fatty layer of viruses/bacteria, killing them instantly. We'll continue to reapply this coating every 90 days.
Wiping down all surfaces and cars every hour, with alarms set to ensure adherence to the rule.
All employees now wear gloves and face masks.
All employee temperatures are checked every day for every shift.
All deliveries are contactless. We drop your order at your door, knock, step away, and verify receipt of order.
Carryouts/takeout is contactless curbside. Just call us (5127744876) or chat with us on our website when you arrive.