Yes! You've probably placed your order during a peak time. We start cooking your order as soon as we can, in the order we receive them. However, during peak hours, we have seen up to 90 customers who have placed orders ahead of you in the line during that hour. Orders are cooked first-come first-served.

Our typical bottleneck is the limited number of drivers that can deliver your food. So converting your order into a takeout order for carryout would definitely speed things up for you.

We always wait to cook orders right before a driver becomes available to take a delivery. So although you've been waiting for a while, rest assured that the food is fresh when it does arrive.

In conclusion, long ASAP estimation times are primarily based on heavy order volume and an existing large order queue, and it's a matter of processing through large amounts of orders as they come through.
You will see the order status change as soon as we begin cooking it!