In the event that one of our employees tests positive for COVID-19, our COVID-19 Mitigation Plan will implement the following measures:
The store where the employee was working will be closed and no food preparation or delivery will take place from that store.
The entire store will be thoroughly cleaned using solutions proven to effectively kill the COVID-19 virus.
All delivery vehicles will also be thoroughly cleaned using the same proven solutions.
All employees working at the same store as the employee testing positive for COVID-19 will be sent for rapid testing for COVID-19 (Tso covers all testing costs for employees).
When the store is reopened, only employees who have tested negative for the COVID-19 virus will be allowed to return to work at the store.
We will continue to mandate: taking temperatures of all employees, mask wearing by all employees at work, frequent hand washing and hand sanitization by all employees, active monitoring of all employees for symptoms of COVID-19 infection, and other proactive measures as they are proven to be effective.

Helpful Info: All kitchen surfaces have been treated with a food-grade water-based semi-permanent anti-microbial and anti-viral coating that effectively kills the coronavirus instantly upon contact. The non-chemical treatment creates a layer of simple, mechanical microscopic spikes that puncture the fatty layer of viruses, killing them instantly. We'll continue to reapply this coating every 90 days.