Is it currently a weekend evening, or is it kind of cold or rainy? Those are by far our most popular delivery times, and if the estimates say 80-120 minutes long, it is because many other people are thinking the same thing - it's a great time to order delivery - so there are many orders placed ahead of you. Cold temps and/or rainy (or even terribly hot) weather, combined with sporting events or season finales (I'm looking at you Game of Thrones!) oftentimes max out the output our kitchen can do in those peak hours of 5-9pm.

We're grateful to be that busy, but we also apologize for the physical limitations of our humble woks, which can only cook up a certain numbers of orders at one time. We'll always do everything possible to make sure deliveries are as fast & efficient as possible.

💡Tip 1: You can place an order ahead of time and schedule it for a future delivery/takeout, and you'll get your order within the 20 minute range specified.
💡Tip 2: Takeout orders aren't bottlenecked by our delivery staff, and therefore will be quicker.
💡Tip 3: Order during off-peak days/times for faster deliveries.